Article I Wrote – Responsible Responsive Web Design

I wrote an article on the Leo Marketing blog – check it out:  Responsible Responsive Web Design  Edit: the blog article is no longer there; this is a copy of what was there: With the recent trend of responsive web design, there have been some websites that are pushed out without any thought beyond “Just make the… Continue reading Article I Wrote – Responsible Responsive Web Design


So yesterday as I was looking for a good quote for a video, I came across something interesting.  Ellen White talks a lot about exercise, but she makes it clear that it should be outside, not in a gym.  She also talks about how we should have balance and that we shouldn’t just exercise just… Continue reading Exercise

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My Ideal Oshkosh Trip

So if you know me, you know that I’m very involved in something called “Pathfinders”.  It’s a youth ministry group from our church that focuses on young people from 5th to 10th grade.  Every 5 years, there is a big event up in Oshkosh, WI, where they have 35,000 people show up for a week-long… Continue reading My Ideal Oshkosh Trip

Lifted Up – Act 2

This is act 2 from “Lifted Up”, a video we shot for the youth rally of the same name, February 10-11, 2012.  Enjoy!