Today was a beautiful day.  Did I go out and enjoy it?  Nope.  Why is that?  I even commented about how it was a beautiful day and that we should go out and do something. So why did nothing happen?  Because I got too busy doing work.  Should that have happened?  Ahh, the real question,… Continue reading Sunshine

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Angry Birds Space

Anyone who knows me knows that I am both a fan of the Angry Birds and NASA.  Imagine my excitement in seeing Angry Birds literally in space on the international space station.  Very cool! So apparently they are making a game called “Angry Birds Space” that comes out on March 22.  Will I end up… Continue reading Angry Birds Space

Lifted Up – Act 1

Last month we had a youth rally here in El Paso.  This is Act 1 of the video that we shot for it.  As time goes on I will post the other acts as well.

Spending time with your spouse

I had an epiphany yesterday. How much time do we spend with our spouse where we really spend time with them?  Not just going home and watching TV with them, not just watching a movie, actually spending time with them? Just spending time in the same room as someone isn’t building or improving the relationship… Continue reading Spending time with your spouse